Gracias, 感恩

Happy Thanksgiving
I know this post came a little late...
Guess you guys already have Christmas decorations up
Well, we have been talking about to put ours up...
We both sick... 
I mean we have been "good friends" with Tissues for a while
But we had a great time with friends here on Thanksgiving day
Jen is our Photographer

I got an email this morning from Ani's mom
Ani, who is adopted this October
She can not hear either, like our Bolt
She is a cute angel.
She just had her third birthday with her forever family
Luke was blocked by his big sister 
I am thankful
I am really thankful



Yes... I had a battle yesterday
With a boy whose name is Little Monkey
He is 3, and I am 23
Who do you think WON?

He is in a silent world, and I am in a noisy world
Yes, he can not hear
but he is smart
He is flexible like a little Monkey
Scott calls him Bolt... The fastest toddler in the world
Loves to run
 he could suddenly disappear without people knowing...

Well... basic info is out
now back to the BATTLE
Yesterday was the SWI's field trip to the supermarket
I was assigned to take care of Bolt 
On the way from SWI to Supermarket
He was happy, quiet, and snuggled with me 
I was thinking... oh, this is a good sign
He likes me...
Then one of the teacher told me that he hadn't gone potty yet...
Oh no...
I know Bolt is already potty trained, he should let me know...
Oh yeah...

Picture this,
Here we are in the supermarket
also known as CANDY LAND for kids...
Okay... here we go
Most of the teachers and Volunteers either got a cart or pushing basket
I was thinking, hmmm, it will be easier to have a cart
he can sit in it and point at the things he likes...
Good thought...
But Bolt is transform into a monkey on me
I am not a human being anymore
I am a flesh tree...
He climbs up to my shoulder holding on to my neck
or holding on my legs but not touching the ground
but he won't go down to the ground or sit in the cart!

Fine, I said to myself, nice try...
At this moment...
He grabs his pants and starts screaming...
okay... potty time... 
I grab him under my arm, then run to the restroom...
He did a good job there
Very insistent to button all the buttons on his jacket
then he will stop his 'communications'

Okay... Battle one ends here...
I sat him inside the cart, I know it shouldn't be like that...
but it is the only way he willing to... and stop screaming...

I think maybe just about 15mins quietness later...
Battle two started

Bolt saw something he likes... I give to him, but he starts to open the pack immediately...
Oh no...
How should I going to tell him to stop...
I use wave hands and signal we always use in the pre-school class to tell him that he should stop what he doing now
but seems his attention is all over the food...but me
I took his food in my hand and wave hands, he screamed
I let him hold them, and wave hands, pointing to my mouth...
back and forward
back and forward
He understand...
He hold all the snacks we pick and he did not open them
and he stayed quiet...

After we checked out, he is happy
He became a monkey holding on me again...
but he is happy

I am happy...
I never know what is gonna like to take a kid can not hear me
to shopping
I never know they screaming just trying to get your attention
if you careful observe enough
you will find a way to communicate and clam them down

I am not a parents yet
but I learnt today
Parenting a kid is sometime you have to insist what is right
and not giving up by let kid doing what they want
the process is painful
I think Bolt killed my hearing for a second
I think the people who is shopping in the market does not know what's going on
may think I mistreated him
But it all worth it...

A lesson for Bolt and Me
Who said battle always have a winner
Guess we have two this time.


Wrestling with yourself... Father wins at the end

I admit sometime I am showing some OCD symptoms in my life...
Well...I believe not only me... 
Life is like wrestling with yourself,
usually it comes to an end that has no result
then later Father wins at the end...

When you want something
you always try to persuade yourself that 
you need it 
or I could save it for later
because you just want it...
but Father's words show in your mind, be content...
Father wins...

Recently I have been reading Titus for a ladies' study...
I am so excited about it...
The reason is that this is my first little group study and it is all about how to become a Godly woman
Yeah! for me and also for my husband
But I wrestled again during my study...

Lesson one,  Be Sober... no problem
Lesson two, Be a Good Wife... no worries

here comes Lesson three, Be a Loving Mother...
Battle started...
my mind told myself that I am not a mother yet, how am I gonna do this lesson...
I go through the whole lesson... but I couldn't write down a word...
The questions have nothing to do with me right now
Still in my own mind I just think....
I am physically not a mom yet
so I couldn't know as a mother how to do it...
Again, I look through all the verses, but I still can not write down anything...
I told myself that I am not ready for the study this week...
Well... this leads me to tears for a while...

Hubbo understands my struggle... He said it this way
You are not a mom yet, but God's word is for everyone, every different situation
You're a teacher
You're taking care of kiddos at the orphanage
A loving mother is to love her kids the way that God loves us
A loving mother is all about building good character for her kids

That is exactly the goal I want for my students 
the orphans

Students are my kids
Orphans are my kids

Game over
Father wins again
Although this lesson I did not write much down
I learned much more from our Father
Thank you, thank you, thank you...

I am young, true...
but you may experience the same wrestling game as me
Just enjoy the game process
You may win more than just the title!


Did you "Bridging" yet?

I never thought one day I will become a bridge
Interesting thought

I will continue 
I am not good at Yoga
my body is not soft enough to do a bridge pose to stretch my back

I am not good at building things
most things I built is out of balance or weird style

But tonight when I was writing emails to those "unknown" friends to tell them what did their baby do today.
I become a bridge

Father is the strength to made me become a bridge
With love, patient and kindness
I felt fulfilled when I being the "bridge" lady

Well, " thank you" this word is not enough to express my feeling now
I just gonna enjoy this moment till the bedtime
maybe a little longer in my dream

 Because tomorrow is another day
And Father said no worries


Love is amazing, Don't you agree?!

Today is a day full of joy

A boy who got adopted this Monday
back to the Orphanage for a short visit today

We are blessed to be there to hug him
cheer for him
and say goodbye to him

He run to his MAMAs(Ayi who taking care him in the Orphanage) in Orphanage with such a big smile on his face
They hold him, kiss him, asked him' how's everything going?'

He started crying, he is so sad to leave his MAMAs
My eyes started to 'sweat' from that moment
He is not in my class
but he always hug me and wave at me
and talk to me when he saw me passing by
He is so optimistic
He is happy all the time
He is a great helper in his class
He is a good 'brother' to his roommates
He is a great joy to his new family

I know he is in good hand
I know it is very hard for all the Ayi,
But he has a family now!

Scott told me a detail when we on the way back
one of his MAMA told him:' You are a little man now,
you should help your parent, picking up socks for them,
help them carry things, taking care mom, you have to love them, listen to them, be a good kid'
Oh, my eyes sweating now again...
What a great heart they have
What a kind thought they own

I just want to write this to thanks all the Orphanage workers and Adopting parents
Your love is amazing
Your love make kiddos felt special
Thank you for let me being a part of your work
It is amazing what you doing for all the Orphans
Family is amazing

Love is amazing
Don't you agree with me?!

Much Love


Road trip to Xi'an

Last week, Scott and I went on a road trip to the middle of China, Xi'an
We camped in the Tai Bai Mountain
It was beautiful there

The place we camp on the mountain, the sky was breath taking

Beautiful sun set in the mountain

The road we drove up to the top was crazy, all kinds of turning...

Hey! Never Quit! That's my man

Thanks to Debbie bring our matching shirt!!!!

Fresh air, nice place to pray and think

The waterfall in the mountain, matching shirt couple

So blessed to have a nice hotel to stay in after the long hour driving and camping! SHOWER!!!

From our hotel window, we could see the old city wall of Xi'an

The night pic from our hotel window... 

When I was a student in school, I know Terra-Cotta Warriors for long time in book, I saw the real one that day!!!

I am excited to see my hometown name showing in another city!!! BAOTOU

Look at that smile on my hubby's face, wish there is a SUBWAY in Baotou 
Well, this lady is tired and hot... and do not want to walk anymore...

A peak from the Xi'an city life... grandpa is so cute on the scooter...

We thank our Father in heaven for this trip
We grateful for the relaxing time after busy working
I am so thankful for my hubby taking me on the trip
I love being married
I love living a life under HIS plan
No worries

PS: Pray for our friend Catie have safe and fun trip in the south of China, we had fun seeing you in Xi'an

Much love


I know it is kind of weird to talk about goals in my first post...
Yeah... I know... 
maybe it comes with some grammar mistakes too...
I think writing a blog may help me to improve my English writing...

I am Gloria 

I am happily married to my hubby for 8 month now... 
This is related to my goals... trust me...
I am a teacher, and half-housewife

My hubby and I have been on a short vacation to another province

in China
You do not usually drive to someplace, either you take the train or you fly...Well, I mean you fly in a plane...

But for my hubby, he is not a LOCAL person, he like to drive

we talked about our GOALs during the long hour driving

Before our vacation started, my other half ask me what do I want to accomplish during the vacation

I wrote him an email
I said I want to go travel outside the Baotou
I said I want to rest
I said I want to work on my cross-stich
After he read this, he just laughed and laughed...
Vague, if you want to use this word...

So we talked again in the car...

We always have 3 goals when one is accomplished we fill it with another one, so we can always working on something

1. Be Healthy

I used to play tennis and work out when I was in School
After I dating, married... 
I felt like I am becoming a couch potato...
So I will start running with our dog, Oscar. Deal...

2. Be a good wife

I do not mean that I am a bad wife... if you ask Scott...
but I do not think I am used to the housewife role yet...
I have to take good use of time, take care my hubby and house
Be Willing and NOT Complain
From full-time teaching to part-time teaching...
I have no reason to say I have no time now...
So Just do it!

3. Orphanage

I have been volunteer there for 3 month now
Which I will continue and do a good job there
I think kids taught me a lot things
The most important one is to have a Big Heart
you can say, a Bigger Heart
to love others first, care others first
to forgive others

Well... Summer here almost finished...We have to get ready for the new semester soon

Matthew 6:34, Our Father said, No worries